How Do I Know What Grip Size to Use?

Grips come in all colors, size and textures.  You can’t go wrong with the color you like and the texture you like, but you can benefit from playing a grip that is made to fit your hand properly.   Lamkin Grips state it can make 4 – 5 strokes difference in your game!  Oh to go 4 – 5 strokes lower!







So how do I know what size I need?


  1.  Match Up With Your Glove Size  

GLOVE SIZE                                       GRIP SIZE

Men’s XL/Cadet XL and larger              Midsize /Oversize

Men’s Large / Cadet L                              Standard / Midsize

Men’s Med Large / Cadet ML                 Standard

Men’s Med / Cadet Med                           Standard

Men’s Small / Cadet Small                       Undersize/Standard

Women’s Large                                            Undersize/Standard

Women’s Medium                                        Undersize

Women’s Small                                              Undersize/Junior

2. Take a Hand Measurement 


 Take a ruler and measure the distance from your wrist (base of your palm) to the end of your middle finger (first measurement).  Then measure length of your middle finger from the base of your hand to the tip (second measurement).




If your wrist measurement is:


6 1/2″ or less then consider an undersize grip.

6 1/2″ to 7″ then consider a standard grip (unless finger length is 3″ or less then undersize).

7″ to 8 3/4″ then consider a midsize grip (unless finger length is 3″ or less then standard).

8 3/4″ +  then consider an oversize grip (unless finger length is 3″ or less then midsize).


3. Take a Visual Test

If grip is too small your middle two fingers will dig into your thumb pad on your palm. (pic A)

If grip is too big your middle two fingers will not touch your thumb pad on your palm. (pic B)

If grip is just right your middle two fingers will just touch your thumb pad on your palm. (pic C)

A.  too small of grip                                                                                        B. too big of grip                                                                C.  Just right!

0916161414a2_resized 0916161413_resized0916161412_resized

4. Still Not Sure..

Take it to the range.  Go demo some clubs with the three different sizes and see what feels best to you.  The three test above are based on what grip manufacturers tell us.  My thinking is it has to feel good in my hands to work the best for me.

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